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Real Estate, Fort Leonard Wood

Most folks looking for Fort Leonard Wood real estate are searching for primary residence. Investment  properties are also available. FLW properties are highly sought after  because of the areas culture and beauty.

In Fort Leonard Wood it’s easy to get  to know your neighbors. There is a strong feeling of community  support and a commitment to give back to the community. Cross Creek  Realty support the Patriots for Hire Program, Pulaski County Habitat  for Humanity, Pulaski County Growth and Alliance, Good Samaritans,  Salvation Army Bell Ringing, local schools, athletic teams, local  library, and the Neighbor to Neighbor program.

Locating Real Estate in Fort Leonard Wood & Throughout Pulaski County

There is a variety of Fort Leonard  Wood homes for sale. At Cross Creek we specialize in helping  soldiers and military families find well-suited homes before they  even get here. Our MLS service is helpful, our agents know the right  questions to ask, and as Realtors living in the area – we have a  true feel for the pulse of the housing market. We listen to your  preferences and help you find the right fit.

When locating real estate in FLW or  throughout Pulaski County it is wise to learn more about local  lifestyle, character of specific areas and neighborhoods, and  amenities available. First define and list your own goals, needs, and  wants. Then call the experts at Cross Creek Realty. With over 100  years of combined real estate experience we’re qualified to find  your home and welcome you to the area.